Symptoms of Aging, Are Probably The
Most Prevalent of All Medical Illnesses!

Hormone deficiency has been discovered to be a major element
responsible for most of the symptoms of aging. A decrease in the
production of hormones begins in middle age and continues to
diminish in a linear fashion into older age, in both men and women.
The drop in hormone levels results in premature aging, physical
breakdown and a mental and sexual decline.

Due to a major scientific breakthrough using genetic engineering to
create hormones identical to the molecular structure as the estrogen
and testosterone made in the human body (hence, "bioidentical
hormones"), the ultimate in preventative medicine has finally been


Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy include:
    1. Increased life expectancy
    2. Increased disease prevention
    3. Increased memory / cerebral function
    4. Improved sense of well-being
    5. Boosts immunity to illnesses
    6. Improved wound healing and protein synthesis
    7. Increased energy and exercise capacity
    8. Increased lung function and capacity
    1. Increased lipolysis or breakdown of fat
    2. Increased muscle size & strength
    3. Increased bone mass at greater than 2% annually
    4. Increased elasticity of skin, and a decrease in wrinkles
    5. Improved nail and hair growth
    6. Increased REM and stage IV sleep patterns
    7. Improved quality of life secondary to vitality
    8. Increased renal function

    The basics for optimum health and longevity are proper diet, exercise nutritional supplementation, and hormone replacement therapy. Hormone Replacement Therapy stops cellular degeneration and allows regeneration of tissue and healing. This results in an increase in longevity and a slowing down of the aging process.

    We at the Southwest Anti-Aging Clinic are dedicated to helping people like you feel better and live longer. We invite you to visit our clinic, to see what a difference Hormone Replacement Therapy can make in the quality of your life.