Thank you for your interest in the hormone balancing programs
at Southwest Anti-Aging Cinic. We prescribe appropriate hormone
balancing treatment for any adult regardless of age, where laboratory
blood tests indicate a hormone deficiency.

We Offer Two Types of Programs!

Basic Hormone Balancing Program
Prescribes pharmaceutical hormones from our approved formulary (excluding hGH)
Total Hormone Balancing Program
Prescribes all the hormones in the basic program and includes Human Growth Hormone if indicated.

The Fees and Costs Are As Follows:
Initial Clinical fee $1,500.00.
Our initial consultation includes a complete physical examination,
laboratory blood review, and a meeting with our physician
and staff to address any concerns you may have.

Following the initial consultation we will monitor your blood levels and track changes in
your hormone levels, modify dosages, and renew prescriptions as necessary. The cost of the
monitoring to cover specific blood testing is approximately $425 per blood panel. These
additional blood tests are needed at 4 month, 12 month, and 16 month intervals after the first
initial laboratory work. Thereafter testing would not be necessary for up to 3 years.

For more information, or to answer specific questions,
please call us at our Scottsdale, Arizona Clinic.